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TALENT SPECIAL 2004: Shooting stars

From The Independent (UK) / by Charlotte O’Sullivan

Sophia Myles
On paper, 23-year-old Sophia Myles is almost too pouty to be true; the latest hot British blonde actress, ready and waiting to step in, should Keira Knightley get run over by a bicycle, or Kate Winslet demand too much cash. But this ex-comp kid can act (she was a passionately pensive presence in Underworld) and has an endearingly retro air. Redolent of Diana Dors, as seen in Yield To The Night, she has more than a hint of dotty Fenella Fielding, too. Maybe that’s why she snagged the plum role of Lady Penelope in the live-action version of Thunderbirds – due out in August. Also coming this year is Tristan and Isolde, directed by Kevin Reynolds. These roles should make her a star; let’s hope she doesn’t lose her weird charm along the way.


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