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Escape from hell!

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Stunning Sophia myles is torn between two men in a big new Colditz PoW drama

Fast-rising British star Sophia Myles still can’t believe her luck. She has conquered Hollywood as Thunderbird’s Lady Penelope, and has jumped into bed with Johnny Depp in From Hell. Now she stars in an epic new wartime drama set around the notorious, supposedly escape-proof Nazi prison camp Colditz Castle.

Sophia, 25, plays Air Raid Personnel member Lizzie Carter, whose lover Jack (Tom Hardy) has been slung into Colditz with friend Tom (above right). When his colleague Nick (Band Of Brothers and Forsyte Saga heart-throb Damian Lewis, right with Sophia) manages to break out he returns to Blighty and tracks down Lizzie to tell her of Jack’s whereabouts. But then Nick falls for her beauty, and is ready to sacrifice everything to keep her – including Jack’s life, if necessary!

London-born Sophia loved playing Lizzie, and says that landing the role of Lady Penelope last year turned her fortunes around – literally!

‘Everything’s happening so fast, I haven’t had time to digest it all. But the adrenaline keeps me going,’ she laughs. ‘I was so broke when I got the part. I’d been unemployed for 18 months and it was tough. When you’re pushed right to the edge, and you know what it’s like at the bottom, you appreciate it when you do get further up the ladder. Now I’d never take anything for granted. In three months it could all be over for me – so I’m determined to enjoy riding the wave.’

Meanwhile, she’s sure both sexes will lap up the new Colditz caper, which also stars Jason Priestley: ‘Women are going to enjoy the love story, and men are going to love all the action stuff!’


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