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‘Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder’ is filming

‘Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder’ is now filming. Part of the shooting is taking place in Sidmouth, Devon (UK). Ed Hall, son of Peter Hall, is directing. It’s the first time he’s working for television. Before, he was working at the National Theatre. Geraldine McEwan is playing Miss Marple, Russ Abbot the local detective Inspector Primer. Another lead role is Gwenda Reed, played by Sophia Myles. Other cast members include Dawn French, Una Stubbs, Peter Serafinowicz, Anna-Louise Plowman, Martin Kemp, Sarah Parish, Paul McGann, Phil Davis, Geraldine Chaplin (daughter of famous Charlie Chaplin) and Aidan McArdle. The 2-hour ITV/Granada production will air late 2005/early 2006.

This is a synopsis for the Agatha Christie novel the drama is based upon:

“Let sleeping murder lie”: This is the motto which is not obeyed by Gwenda Halliday, a woman in her early twenties who has recently married and now comes to England to settle down there. For all she knows, she has never set foot on English soil before, as her father brought her directly from India to New Zealand when she was a two year-old girl. While her husband is still abroad on business, she drives around the countryside looking for a suitable house which might become their permanent residence. She decides on the small village of Dillmouth in the South of England when she finds a nice old house there called Hillside which immediately appeals to her. Little does she know yet why this is the case.

Note to anyone who has read the book or seen the previous series: please do not post any spoilers on the site! Thank you!

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