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More captures

Seems like I was too quick to add those music video screen captures… I’ve now replaced them with the ones I took from the full-length video. At the end of the album are still 20 pictures from the short version – because these scenes aren’t in the long version. The video available for download on this site is the short version – due to space reasons. You can view the full version at IESB or at The WB website.

I’ve added the captures from the other clips & featurettes at IESB.

Here some interesting quotes from the featurette:

Sophia Myles on James Franco: He’s a joy to work with, he’s such a kind, gentle person – and incredible to watch.

James Franco on Sophia Myles: Great beauty, but also an innocence mixed with wisdom.

Rufus Sewell on Sophia Myles: Sophia’s lovely. She has a great sense of humour. We spent a lot of time giggling – which, when you do love scenes, is an essential.

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