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Poll results

I’ve closed the poll (started September 2, 2005, a total of 29 votes have been cast). The question was: What do you think of ‘Colditz’?

1) I haven’t seen this – and I don’t plan to 27.6 %
2) It hasn’t aired yet where I live – I plan to watch it 24.1 %
3) Entertaining, but the best thing was the acting, especially Sophia’s 20.7 %
4) Great story, great cinematography, great acting – Perfect 17.2 %
5) The only good thing about this series was Sophia Myles 6.9 %
6) Disturbing flaws in historical accuracy and Scottish accent – hated it 3.4 %

I’ve added a new Poll. The question is: What do you think of ‘Tristan & Isolde’? Please only enter if you’ve already seen this movie, thanks!

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