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Sophia Myles at the Sundance Film Festival

Ok, the first pictures from the festival are up. If anyone has any HQ pictures or more pictures from the portraits session without watermarks, could you send them in? That would be very kind! According to a report at MTV.Com the interview location was moved on short notice. Afterwards comes the Sophia part:

“It’s dark, like ‘Ghost World,’ and it’s got that geek-chic vision. … It’s quirky, and the characters are very complex,” Sophia Myles (“Tristan & Isolde”) gushed after the interview location was finally found. Starring alongside Malkovich, Max Minghella and Anjelica Huston in the tale of an untalented artist caught up in a world of mosaics and murder, Myles adds some vivid color as Audrey, a model who exposes herself in more ways than one. “I was terrified when I first read it and I got to the scene with my character — who’s a model at John Malkovich’s line-drawing class — and there was nudity,” Myles blushes. “I had to have a very, very strong gin and tonic before I did it.”

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