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Some scans and outtakes

Sophia arrived in Berlin yesterday and started doing some international TV and press interviews (source: GetYourPeople). Today is Sophia-day (well, probably more ‘Hallam-Foe-day’) at the Berlin Film Festival! Unfortunately, I’m pretty swamped at the moment so I don’t think there’ll be an update on it here until next week. That’s also the reason why I didn’t even consider going to Berlin myself. If you happen to come across any live coverage on TV I’d be very happy if you could record it and send it in. And of course post any news and pictures in the messageboard!

In the meantime I have some better scans of recent Sophia pictures for you – and outtakes (it’s been a looong time since we last had those) sent in by both Mariana and bytheway almost simultanously. Enjoy!

003 The Sunday Times Magazine – The Class of 2007
003 Stella – The magnificent seven (The Telegraph Magazine)
004 Stella – Outtakes

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