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Rainbow Magic: Fairy stories on audio books

Over the past few months Sophia Myles has been lending her voice to audio book versions of the very popular fairy stories from Rainbow Magic written by Daisy Meadows for little children. Two of them are already available as a set including the single CD (duration: 1 hr 10 mins) and the illustrated book. I’ll put up a short synopsis of the two books as well as a link to a site that lists all the sellers where they are available.

Rainbow Magic: Holly the Christmas Fairy Available at

A delightful Christmas audio edition, magically brought to life with fairy music, and beautifully read by actress, Sophia Myles. The King and Queen of Fairyland are all in a fluster. Jack Frost is up to his old tricks and has kidnapped the Christmas elves. Without the elves to make the presents and decorate the trees, there won’t be any Christmas this year. Can Rachel and Kirsty save the day, with a little help from Holly the Christmas Fairy?

Rainbow Magic: Stella the Star Fairy Available at

One of two very special “Rainbow Magic” Christmas audio editions – “Stella the Star Fairy” is beautifully read by actress, Sophia Myles, and the accompanying music is sure to delight “Rainbow Magic” fans everywhere. Stella the Star Fairy, is all in a flutter, trying to put the sparkle into Christmas. Stella looks after all the special Christmas lights – from the overhead illuminations, to the Christmas tree fairy lights, right through to the twinkling stars. Three magic Christmas baubles control all of these elements but now Jack Frost’s goblins have stolen them. There’s not going to be any Christmas atmosphere and Santa won’t even be able to guide his sleigh through the night sky. Stella the Star Fairy needs Rachel and Kirsty’s help to get the baubles back.

Spring 2006 will see the release of another book read by Sophia Myles: Rainbow Magic: Summer the Holiday Fairy.

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