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Myles ahead

from, April 2006

Brit-born Sophia Myles decided to give acting a whirl when, at 16, she developed a crush on her drama teacher! Ten years later she’s played Lady Penelope in the Thunderbirds, had a guest spot in Doctor Who and has now achieved every girl’s dream by playing a Princess in Tristan + Isolde. And she got to smooch the delicious James Franco…we get the goss!

When did you decide you wanted to be an actress?
I started acting when I was 16. I joined drama class because I thought the drama teacher was fit! I soon realised that I just loved being on the stage. I ended up being picked out while in a play and my career launched from there really. To begin with, I just couldn’t believe that people wanted to pay me for doing it.

What made you want to get involved with the film? And how do you feel about comparisons to Romeo & Juliet?
I was moved by the script and couldn’t put it down. I didn’t know the Tristan + Isolde story that well beforehand, but when I saw it I thought of Wagner’s opera. When I finally saw the finished film, I was amazed at how epic the movie is because it was very intimate while filming. I was blown away by the 20th Century Fox drums when I heard them in front of the movie for the first time!

As for the comparison, I’m completely flattered to be in a movie that’s getting associated with Romeo and Juliet! Plus I really enjoyed being in a movie that’s basically me, and a bunch of fit, thirty-something guys!

Spill the beans then, who do you fancy most? James or Rufus?
I guess if I have to choose I will say Rufus Sewell. I probably fancy him more, but then I am partially saying that because we’re really good mates in real life. James is a real gentle soul though.

How are you adjusting to life in the spotlight?
I’m a pretty shy person, but I’m not really having too much of a problem with the paparazzi just yet; I’m not too worried about them. I think they would get bored following me. Making films is the most rock ‘n’ roll side to my life; I’m pretty boring otherwise.

What’s the biggest downside of your job?
I guess I don’t like having to travel so much. I miss my flat in London. I love the feeling of coming back to Heathrow; there’s a distinct smell there that I like! I do really like LA but I don’t think I could live there. There’s no real industry there besides film. All the waitresses are aspiring actresses!

What was the toughest scene to film in Tristan + Isolde?
That was probably the scene where I get into the ocean with James, because I hate the sea. The whole time I was just worried about great white sharks appearing out of nowhere!


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