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Sophia Myles Talks Love

from Empire UK, April 2006 / by Helen O Hara

Isolde herself on new romance (with action!) Tristan

In addition to being one of England’s up-and-comingest actresses, Sophia Myles is, as we discovered when we interviewed her recently, also one of its nicest people. So it’s a pleasure to report that her new film, Tristan and Isolde, is an entertaining and wildly romantic tale of starcrossed lovers, based on an old Irish / Cornish / British legend. Ms Myles (who you may remember from such films as Underworld, Thunderbirds and The Abduction Club) talks to us about her dislike of corsets and her own bottom, why Rufus Sewell should never play a bad guy, and how many gin and tonics it took her to strip off on film…

So how’s it going?
Really good, thank you. Incredibly busy, I was on GMTV this morning. I couldn’t believe it!

And you’re in the middle of filming at the moment, aren’t you? On Hallam Foe?


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