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Project Details

Some more details on Sophia Myles’ current projects:

‘Doctor Who – The Girl in the Fireplace’:
David Tennant, Sophia Myles and a producer did a commentary for the episode. But it isn’t just an audio track, they were filmed while talking about the story. It will probably be one of the many extra features available on the official BBC site right after the episode will have aired. It may also be featured on the DVD. Volume 2 of the second series (incl. the Sophia episode) will be released June 5, 2006. Pre-order.

Hallam Foe:
Full name of Sophia’s character is Kate Breck. This young woman is supposed to look like Hallam Foe’s mother. In the movie the mum only appears on photographs. So, Sophia Myles was made to look older to pass as the mum on the pictures. Go to Jamie’s entry about his mum here (official film blog) to see Sophia Myles as Anne Sarah Foe. Sophia Myles is heading to Scotland today to start filming.

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