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The opening of ‘Tristan & Isolde’ in the UK (April 21), the guest appearance on Doctor Who in May and the releationship with actor David Tennant give the media quite something to write about.

Some new articles (these are the first interviews about the Doctor Who appearance, she talks of working in Wales and some minor plot details):
Who’s best for Sophia? (This is the North East, April 13, 2006)
Doctor Who guest star quizzed (SFX, April 11, 2006)

Then there’s the issue of the Doctor Who doll being repeated in various news both on paper and on television (see Messageboard). It all started with a quote from the Tatler interview (full version coming soon!):

‘I will go and buy one of the Doctor Who action figures and carry it in my handbag. I’m very pissed off they are not making a Madame de Pompadour doll, though I have had words with the producers about it.’

Update from Sunday Mail:

DAVID Tennant’s girlfriend is carrying a £6.95 Dr Who doll in her bag – to comfort her when she misses him. Actress Sophia Myles, 26, says she can’t bear to be away from David when their filming schedules clash. BBC bosses sent Sophia, who starred as Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds, two of the coveted Time Lord dolls, complete with sonic screwdrivers. The dolls, one wearing a long coat and one in a pinstripe suit, were launched this month by BBC Toys. Sophia was sent hers when she said in a magazine interview that she planned to buy one. Her ‘toyboy’ is now a fixture in her bag as she films her latest movie Hallam Foe in Scotland.

I would like to point out this is all rather gossip-ish and I only decided to post about it because it has become part of the general media coverage for Sophia Myles.

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