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Update on ‘Sleeping Murder’ & filmarticles

The new episodes of the Marple series will air in the US on PBS. The first episode – ‘Sleeping Murder’ will air on Sunday, June 4 at 9.00 pm.

A little later the DVDs will become available in the UK: on July 17. You’ll be able to either buy a box with all 4 episodes (the 4th is airing this Sunday on ITV1, by the way) or a single DVD with just one episode. The ‘Sleeping Murder’ DVD features the following extra features: Behind the Scenes, On Location and an Interview With Geraldine McEwan.

I’ve added the links to the official television sites and to Amazon on the ‘Sleeping Murder’ page.

2 newly added filmarticles:
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I’ve added the first still of Sophia as Madame du Pompadour:
001 Doctor Who: Girl in the Fireplace – Stills

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