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‘Glamour Women Of The Year Awards’

Sophia Myles attended the ‘Glamour Women Of The Year Awards’ in London yesterday. I added the pictures I’ve been able to find so far to the gallery:

005 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards June 6, 2006

About the audio commentary on the new German ‘The Abduction Club’ DVD. It was very interesting. Director Stefan Schwartz and a producer talked about the locations used for the film and the challenges of a limited budget, replacing the director after the first week into the shoot, getting enough costumes and extras while ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ was shooting at the same time etc. An interesting remark about Sophia Myles: She was the best horserider of the 4 leading stars. Originally, many more scenes were supposed to feature horseriding – but it proved to be too complicated. Also the members of the whole abduction club were once supposed to be accompanying the main characters – but for story reasons their parts were reduced.

I fell in love with this movie all over again and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to see it!

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