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Interview – Sophia Myles


She may be familar to you as Lady Penelope from the 2004 film version of THE THUNDERBIRDS, or even as the devious Erika in UNDERWORLD and UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION, but Sophia Myles has finally come into her own as Isolde in the Ridley Scott produced legendary tale of star crossed lovers TRISTAN + ISOLDE. Here she talks acting, Working with James Franco and making it in LA.

Which school did you go to?
I went to the Green School in Isleworth. We were down in that part of the world for the whole of my secondary school life. My father’s a Vicar–

Is that where you got interested in acting?
Yes. Basically there was a really gorgeous, or so I thought, drama teacher called Kevin Broadway who’d I’d seen walking around the corridors–I kid you not. Truth be told I only did drama because I quite wanted to be taught by Mr. Broadway. We put on a play as part of our GCSE exam called Teachers, by John Godber. It was only on for two nights and after the first showing a gentleman came up to me, Julian Fellowes. He wrote the screenplay for ‘GOSFORD PARK’ and since won an Oscar. He was writing and producing a costume drama for the BBC, “THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER” and invited me to come and audition. I did, and I got the job. The minute that I walked onto the set I just knew – I thought, “Oh I like this,” and I just completely fell in love with it really and knew there was no turning back after that. School became so boring as soon as I started working really.

Were there moments where you fell out of love with it during this film?
I have to say that this shoot for this movie was hard, hard work but they often say that the really strenuous jobs are the ones that come out well. I’m always just thankful every day when I’m working just to be working because there are so many actors that aren’t. I’ve had long periods of unemployment, which can be quite difficult, but I’m glad of them in a sense because when something like this happens and I’m here today, I’m grateful for every second of it. I don’t take any of it for granted at all.

Is James Franco as serious as he seems?
Yes, James has a very artistic head on his shoulders, a very big brain. He’s far more method than I am. He did lots of research. I didn’t do anything. He’s great. I really admired his work before I actually met him and worked with him and he’s a lovely lad, really, really, really, sweet and great fun.

Did you know anything about the story before you read the script?
When people said Tristan and Isolde, I thought of Wagner, which is what a lot of people say. I didn’t realize the history of it all at all. It was rather na


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