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Hallam Foe & Dracula

Reminder: ‘Hallam Foe’ will have its world premiere this Friday at the Berlin Film Festival. The film has already had a market screening and the Hallam team has been busy meeting with potential buyers. The film’s publicist Mat Sanders has been busy these past few days signing up journalists to the interview schedule. Later this week he will be taking David, Jamie and Sophia to the festival’s official press conference, photocall and premiere screening on Friday and running all their press interviews. Read more about the whole preparation going on in Berlin at the film’s offficial blog.

A general UK theatrical release date has yet to be confirmed. LaunchingFilms is however listing August 31. But maybe the presentation at the Berlin Film Festival will get the film an earlier release?!

‘Dracula’ aired on PBS yesterday. The reviews aren’t that good. They didn’t say much about the performances but disliked mostly the lack of subtlety. Reuters:

It’s all suitably chilling and terrifying, and to be fair, it does stay true to Stoker’s novel in much of the plotting. But this reimagining is far more literal and unsubtle than your daddy’s “Dracula,” pushing its monstrous visuals and bloodletting to the forefront in a fashion that’s not captivating so much as overpowering.

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