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review: Hallam Foe (Berlinale 2007)

from / by Boyd van Hoeij

Scottish director David McKenzie (Young Adam) dives into the psyche of a disturbed teenager in the effective yet light psychological drama Hallam Foe. The adaptation of the Peter Jinks novel might have a few too many music-and-montage pieces and an ending that states the obvious, it is also undeniable that the adolescent peeping Tom is a fascinating character, brought to thrilling life by young Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Dear Wendy) in yet another extraordinary performance. This prime example of European arthouse light comes with a hip soundtrack and a sweet yet believable romance and will travel far and wide. It will also cement the status of both Bell and McKenzie as important names to watch in British cinema.

Young Hallam Foe suspects Verity (Claire Forlani), the former secretary of his father Julius (Ci


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