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Some new articles

I’ve not been feeling like updating lately. But I do have some new stuff to add over the coming days. First, I found 2 new articles.

review: Hallam Foe (Berlinale 2007) from EuropeanFilms.Net

It is a testament to Myles’ acting abilities that her character Kate comes off as a full-bodied, damaged and complicated person as well, since she is somewhat shortchanged by the script and editing.

Interview – Sophia Myles, from an Australian online movie rental site. The interview was conducted, I think, early 2006 during the Tristan & Isolde press tour and published on their site July 2006 before the release of the Australian DVD. It is not a very neatly written transcript, however Sophia talks about some interesting topics. Apart from the usual also how she deals with rejection in this industry and what she’s doing in times of unemployment. My favourite quote:

About romance: Really coming home at the end of the day is what’s important. I think it’s better to come home to something nice than to leave every morning going to work, thinking “Thank God I’m out of there,” so.

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