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Fanmail address & various updates

Some of you were wondering whether it was possible to send Sophia Myles fanmail to an address in the US now that she lives in LA. You can and here’s the address:

Sophia Myles
c/o Dar Rollins
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90067

Then I updated the calendar, which was long overdue, it should now be totally up to date.

Also with shooting for ‘Moonlight’ currently taking place and less than 2 months to go till it airs on CBS I thought it was high time I opened a page for the show. Find it here. If you know of a fansite for lead actor Alex O’Loughlin that I could add to the site it’d be great if you could send it in 😉

Finally, Variety and Floridian released an article on the many British actors and actresses who have come to the US to work in television series. Here the Sophia quotes:

“British thesp Sophia Myles, who has a prominent role in the upcoming Eye drama “Moonlight,” said the British government had so cut funding for filmmaking in the U.K. that many actors needed to look abroad for work.”

“In England, at the moment, our government isn’t putting money into film,” said Myles. “As an actor, you have to travel where the work is.”

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