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New Sophia interview

Ever since I knew they were at the Berlin Film Festival back in February and interviewed Sophia Myles I have been anticipating their interview: Today as Hallam Foe opens in theatres in Switzerland it is finally online on their website: I’m happy they also have it in English – so head over or to the site’s press archive to read it.

They also have one with Jamie Bell where he lets out the secret on his on-screen chemistry with Sophia Myles:

ON: You have an awesome chemistry with Sophia Myles in the film, for instance when you’re flirting in the bar. JB: For that scene we just got wasted. It usually helps a scene like that, if you are drunk. It’s boring to pretend to be drunk. (He laughs) Sophia is playing a very interesting character. She’s broken inside. She has a marriage that ended. She’s now sleeping with her boss which I’m sure isn’t the most pleasant experience. Suddenly this weird guy comes along who is a bit off the coffin. I guess for a character like Kate this youthful energy would be very intriguing. He really loves her and looks at her like she’s coming from heaven. For such a broken character this is incredible attractive.

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