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Exclusive: Sophia Myles Loves the Night Life on the new CBS Drama ‘Moonlight’

from iFMagazine / by Sean Elliott

The DOCTOR WHO and UNDERWORLD actress talks about loving vamps and returning to the world of a certain timelord

Time for a new vampire detective (Alex O’Loughlin) to walk the streets of Los Angeles, and this time he’s on CBS. MOONLIGHT, from producer Joel Silver, tells the tale of an immortal that uses his powers for good and is trying to fight against all forms of evil. His greatest temptation is the love of his afterlife Beth, played by talented British actress Sophia Myles. Genre fans might recognize Myles from her portrayal of Lucy in the BBC’s DRACULA miniseries, or they just might know her as Madame De Pompadour from the DOCTOR WHO season two episode ‘The Girl in the Fireplace.’ Regardless, Myles brings her own brand of sophistication to MOONLIGHT and iF MAGAZINE was dying to find out more about the latest woman to be the downfall of an immortal man.

iF MAGAZINE: So how hard was it to lose the British accent?

SOPHIA MYLES: Well, I had to lose it, but I’ve done loads of different accents and dialects all the time. It’s something I adore doing and I’m challenged by it. I’ve done American twice before, once in ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL that we shot here in L.A. and I did a one off drama with CBS years ago.

iF: Since the revamp of the series and you were a newer addition, how many scripts were you given when you arrived in Los Angeles?

MYLES: One. It was a very new experience in television and I felt like I had started a massive adventure. The way it worked was completely different from England. From the first day of work I loved it and we really churn it out and there isn’t nearly as much hanging around as there is on film sets.

iF: Since this is a brand new series, do you want to have input into your character?

MYLES: Yeah, I’m hoping that these things kind of evolve naturally, but it’s a nice thought that’s it’s a new show with nothing set in stone and it can go whatever way they want it to.

iF: You played a manipulative evil vampire in UNDERWORLD, so how is it being on the human receiving end of undead attentions?

MYLES: Well, I haven’t been given it too badly yet, but it’s still early in the series. I have actually played a vampire twice. I did UNDERWORLD and then I played Lucy in DRACULA. I got staked in the heart in that one. But this time around it’s nice just to play the normal person. I like playing the regular girl.

iF: Typically speaking humans loving vampires leads to becoming a vampire…any idea if that is in Beth’s future?

MYLES: I’m not sure, but I’m thinking of course she might turn at some point.

iF: A lot of people are drawing parallels to this show and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL. Were you ever a fan of either of those shows?

MYLES: No, I’ve never seen an episode isn’t that disgraceful. [Laughs, waves her hand in the air, and turns to run out of the party] TAXI! Oh, don’t tell anyone. But, seriously I’ve never seen an episode.

iF: How hot and heavy is your relationship going to be with your vampire love interest?

MYLES: I don’t know all of the rules yet, whether bodily fluids being exchanged leads to anything. I think that the series is over the minute they get together — sort of like a Mulder and Scully thing. At least that was my impression, but we’ll see.

iF: So let’s talk about your involvement with DOCTOR WHO.

MYLES: Are you a fan of the show?

iF: Oh yeah. I love DOCTOR WHO.

MYLES: [Laughs] That’s great! I have to admit I was really pissed that I didn’t get an action doll from that series. Everyone else got one and where was Madame De Pompadour? But, there aren’t that many little boys who want to play with a girl in a fancy frock, do they?

iF: Well they’re expanding the toy line, so maybe there is hope for a figure yet.

MYLES: Maybe. [Laughs]

iF: So even though you are doing MOONLIGHT right now, is there any chance of heading back over to DOCTOR WHO at some time for either a return of Madame De Pompadour or as another new character?

MYLES: I don’t know. I feel like I very much had that magical moment. It’s like when you’re in a band and you leave when you’re on an up. It was such a poignant and beautiful episode that I feel it might ruin it if she was ever to come back. But, if they asked me to come back for anything I’d jump at the chance! I could be a Dalek. [Laughs]


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