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Watch ‘Moonlight’ tonight!

Tonight at 9pm ET Episode 4 called ‘Fever’ airs on CBS. Please make sure to watch since it is a very promising episode. If you haven’t yet seen any promo clips head over to Moonlight Fans to watch an exclusive clip from the episode (if you do not want to be spoiled at all, don’t watch). Also the show’s ratings are under scrutiny and will decide whether ‘Moonlight’ will get a full season (or just 13 episodes). So make sure to watch. Another way to support the show is to buy the episodes online on Amazon or iTunes. Watching it on the official site probably also helps.

The synopsis for ‘Fever’:

Mick is injured in his search for a young woman who is believed to be hiding in the desert. But when the scorching sunlight depletes Mick’s vampiric ability to heal himself, Beth must rush to help him.

And 2 additional HQ stills from Episode 2: Out of the Past

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