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Tonight: 12:04 AM

Watch a new ‘Moonlight’ episode tonight! As always on CBS at 9pm ET. Here the synopsis for episode 8 called ’12:04 AM’:

Mick protects a frightened young woman from a killer’s cult followers after they vow to avenge their leader’s dying wish that those responsible for his execution be put to death.

To pass the waiting time check out Beth’s Journal at the official CBS site, vote for ‘Moonlight’ at the People’s Choice Awards as your favourite new TV drama series or read a very interesting interview with Sophia Myles on all things ‘Moonlight‘:

Sophia Myles Moves To America Television For Moonlight, from MediaBlvd Magazine, November 11

MediaBlvd> How are you handling the work load?
It’s all very new and exciting for me. You just have to make a really concerted effort to take care of yourself. It’s all about the vitamin C, and lots of water. It’s really grueling on you, mentally and physically, so you have to take care of yourself, otherwise you’re just going to be dead.

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