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‘Moonlight’ Becomes Sophia Myles

from SyFy Portal / by Robin Brownfield

With the prospect of last Friday’s episode of “Moonlight,” essentially being the writers strike-induced season finale for the steamy vampire series, star Sophia Myles has had a lot of free time to talk about the show and its prospects.

“I’ve just seen the last scene, and things are left totally open-ended and utterly unsatisfactory,” Myles told The TV Addict. “As soon as the strike lifts, I’ll be knocking on CBS’s door. I won’t be satisfied until we come back.”

As unexpected as it was, “Moonlight” has become a force with fans, Myles said, picking up a recent People’s Choice Award for favorite new drama series.

“I had no idea, coming over from here [from England], making the show, that it would have any life,” she said. “But it’s become this organic thing that refuses to die. It seems to be getting stronger and stronger and more powerful with each episode.”

Myles is part of what appears to be a new British Invasion of women playing strong roles in shows made in the United States along with Michelle Ryan of “Bionic Woman,” Anna Friel of “Pushing Daisies,” and Lena Headey of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

Why are the Brits coming here?

“Really there is no work in England. It’s rubbish,” she said. “I like playing strong women and it’s hard to find really good roles for women. Really well-written females that aren’t just sex objects.”

Having also done her share of sci-fi and horror genre movies and television shows (“Underworld,” “Underworld: Evolutions,” “Doctor Who”), Myles talked about her own preferences for entertainment.

“Horror freaks me out,” she said. “Vampires I can take them or leave them. But I like science-fiction and the idea that there are other planets.”


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