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Exclusive Fan Q&A

Guess what?! I received Sophia’s answers to the Fan Q&A today! While I’m working on a transcript for everybody not able to listen to it and another surprise for the site I’ve integrated Sophia’s recording into the site’s podcast format and you can simply click the podcast player here to listen to it.

Thanks a million to Sophia Myles for taking the time to generously answer so many questions. I’d also like to thank Giacun for your help with the technical aspect of everything.

There were many questions and obviously Sophia couldn’t answer all of them. However, she’s answered most and you can listen to her for 17 minutes. I certainly think she’s done a fantastic job. So, what are you waiting for? Click & enjoy!

• Read the transcript here

14 Comments on “Exclusive Fan Q&A”

  1. I also love to live the dream and draw Sophia Myles a english tudor style house in a field filled with dreamy orchards in the hill’s of England
    PS:I forever love you Sophia

  2. This is amazing! Thanks so much for organising it Maria. And wow – what a great job Sophia did at answering everyone’s questions. Really loved listening to it. I can’t believe she answered my question, it’s made my day… week even! Haha!

  3. Thanks, Maria and to Sophia! I’m a big fan of Moonlight (and Alex O) and just discovered Sophia in this show and she’s fabulous! What a lovely and talented person. I’m doing a transcript of the podcast for you. Will send it to you to post when it’s perfect – if I can figure out how to send things in to your site!

  4. Wonderful Q & A! Thanks to Maria for putting it together and to Sophia for giving such thoughtful answers to each question. She is really quite funny–I laughed at some of her comments that were pretty spunky! It was all-around an enjoyable time listening. It sounds like she is having a great experience with “Moonlight” and I hope to hear that the show is back in production soon; she (along with the entire cast) is doing such an amazing job! Cheers to you, Sophia!

  5. Maria,
    Congratulations on such a beautiful re-vamping of the site! I’ve been a Sophia fan since I saw the DW episode that she was featured in and have seen every Moonlight episode since. It looks like the breakthrough wrt to the WGA strike may come this week! So let’s all hope that new scripts are written very soon !

    And to Sophia, thank you for answering the questions !

    All the best to everyone in the New Year!

  6. I didn’t think my question was answered this time around but mine was the very last one! Eeee! Saved the best for last! lol j/k Thank you so much Sophia and Maria too. Muahah I’m gonna go brag and pimp out Moonlight to all my friends and family even more now. 🙂

  7. upload the show to your site I have high speed cable and will watch the show online …is the show in america on cable networks?

  8. Thinking of you ,are you single? free for a date with me …How about New years eve 2011 ,NYC meet me for a date Sophia at Rockefeller Center …Manhatten… just wanted to stop in and say 🙂

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