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‘Moonlight’ returns!

The writers’ strike is definitely over! How does this affect ‘Moonlight’?Thanks Mycah for the heads up! has just posted a list of when CBS shows are to return: ‘Moonlight’ will be back on April 11 – and we can expect another 4 episodes. How cool is that?!

[edit:] According to the latest information CBS will re-air episode 12 on April 18 and the show will properly be back with 4 new episodes on April 25[/edit]

Also, Moonlight Fans is reporting that production for the series resumes on March 4.

I’ve recently updated the Episode Promos with all the recent pictures – thanks again to the wonderful Mycah.

p.s. Thanks to Siegfried for bringing to my attention that the contact form hadn’t been working. It’s all fixed now and you can send me your message easily.

6 Comments on “‘Moonlight’ returns!”

  1. This is such wonderful news! I’ve been on several fansites reading about this, and also, we MUST watch our new Moonlight episodes so it will have a SECOND SEASON renewal!! I love Sophia as Beth and want to see this show go one for a LONG time–she’s outstanding!!

  2. Please come back for a second series of Moonlight Sophia, it’s a fantastic show and if it does pick up again it really would not be worth it without you.

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