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‘10,000 BC’ Premiere

The first pictures of Sophia Myles in 2008 are in! She attended Roland Emmerich’s ‘10,000 BC’ Premiere last night. Not only are the ‘Moonlight’ hair extensions gone but she’s also got a new hair cut! I think it suits her really well and she’s looking amazingly beautiful in a laid-back and casual way wearing a turquoise coat. What do you think? Please comment! Will the hair extensions be back for the new ‘Moonlight’ episodes? Let’s wait and see hehe

007 ‘10,000 BC’ Premiere

Edit March 8 Added 7 additional HQ pictures sent in by my friend Mariana.
Edit March 12 Added another 6 HQ pictures

7 Comments on “‘10,000 BC’ Premiere”

  1. Yes ,I agree any style of house be perfect in the hills of Hollywood ,I guess dream’s can really be true 🙂

  2. Is Sophia sick? She looks very pale. It may be the color of her jacket or the lights on the red carpet that is washing her out. I hope she is feeling alright!

  3. It’s a beautiful look for her. She seems quite refreshed and ready for more Moonlight. I love the jacket and new hair-do, but the extentions will most likely be back for “continuity” sake for her character. She looks great with long or short hair, so maybe “Beth” will get a new style!

  4. Hi! My name is Marisa! I am from Brazil!!
    Sophia is very beautiful!

    I have to say…i prefer her hair LONG!!!
    I hope she use a megahair/ hair extesions when moonlight back!
    I love beth with the long hair too!!!

  5. I love the new look, Sophia must love to have short hair then long. both styles suits her well. Oh in case you didnt know there are a few behind the scene pics of Sophia and Alex shooting episode 13 on the beach.

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