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Sophia’s Birthday Cake(s)

from Yahoo! Press Association

If there’s no rest for the wicked, then actress Sophia Myles must be very naughty indeed. Although she celebrated her 28th birthday last Tuesday, the star of Living’s hit supernatural drama Moonlight had to work.

On the plus side, she was in sun-kissed LA instead of at home in rain-lashed Blighty, and admits she had a fine time.

“I had a lovely day. It’s because we were working, so it was not a problem at all turning a year older. I was on the Warner Brothers lot with all my Moonlight friends, so it was nice.”

The birthday shoot involved filming one of her most bizarre scenes to date.

“I had to eat a f*** load of doughnuts, and I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds, because obviously there was the Christmas break,” she smiles. “It was a case involving a killer doughnut.

“This is so funny; a lady’s invented a doughnut that helps you to lose weight, so she’s one of the suspects. Alex (O’Loughlin) and I had to eat doughnuts on camera.

“They shot so much coverage of the scene and we ended up eating so many. It was my birthday so I suppose it didn’t really matter. And then they bought out a huge chocolate cake at the end of the day. I thought: ‘What are you guys trying to do to me? I’ll have to get the next sized jeans up for tomorrow.'” she laughs.

A typically slimline Sophia Myles can be seen in Moonlight, Tuesdays at 10pm, on Living.


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