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I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently but apart from the fact that I’m not able to spend as much time online as I used to Sophia Myles is also busy shooting new episodes for Moonlight so we have to wait for those to air to have new pictures etc. Nevertheless, I have some additions that I’ll try to put online soon.

In the meantime there are many activities going on to ensure the future of Moonlight – but me living so far away from where it’s all happening, it’s rather difficult to get as excited. So, while I’m obviously hoping for the best of news for the show, I encourage all of you living in the US to get involved. Check out Moonlight United and Moonlight Fans for further info.

I recently came across tiny articles/interviews on the TV section of UK Yahoo! Check them out in the press archive:

Moonlight Becomes Her
Sophia’s Birthday Cake(s)

“I had a lovely day. It’s because we were working, so it was not a problem at all turning a year older. I was on the Warner Brothers lot with all my Moonlight friends, so it was nice.”
about her birthday

“We work days the first few days of the week then we claw back further and further, so towards the end of the week we’ll work Thursday night into Friday morning; sleep Friday then work Friday night into Saturday morning. We call that day ‘Fratterday’ because it completely obliterates you. You only get a one day weekend because you sleep all day Saturday.”

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