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TV Squad & others visits ‘Moonlight’ Set

Kristin Sample from TV Squad recently visited the set of ‘Moonlight‘ and got to interview the cast, incl. Sophia Myles. Read her articles with the pictures here or in our press archive. Hit ‘Read More’ at the end of this post to only read the Sophia relevant parts of the article. [edit] There’s another article with interviews on MovieWeb and an interview over at Blogcritics (features some inaccuracies) [/edit]

Amongst a lot of other things we learn that Sophia is actually not sporting new hair extensions but is wearing a 3/4 wig while filming. Unfortunately, Sophia had to find out the hard way that hair extensions are ‘a recipe for disaster, especially if you have fine hair’. I shall take this advice to heart then.

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To shorten the wait till April 25 when there will be new episodes watch some short clips of new scenes on YouTube – thank you Meredith for pointing them out! Scene 1 (with Sophia), Scene 2 (without Sophia)

A lovely picture of Alex O’Loughlin & Sophia Myles, copyright Alex O’Loughlin Official Myspace


Interview with Sophia Myles (Beth Turner)

On whether or not she liked the vampire genre, Sophia said frankly, “Not really if I’m honest.” She then stated her preference for sci-fi over anything vamp. Furthermore, she says she doesn’t see the fascination with drinking blood and can’t understand why anyone would think it’s sexy. So, why do Moonlight? Sophia explained that she was intrigued by theme of immortality, especially as it pertains to Beth and Mick.

A relationship between the two characters, however, would be so difficult. They can’t have children. She would age and he wouldn’t. “I don’t see how there is a kind of happy future,” she said. So, will Beth get turned into a vampire so the two can be together? Sophia thinks it’s an option Beth would consider.


* Everyone I met (cast members, behind the scenes folk, publicists) was overjoyed by the fan reaction to this show. “It was unbelievable,” Jason Dohring exclaimed. Sophia Myles agreed, “It’s blown my mind, the success of it all.” Myles also said she was touched at the fans’ willingness to donate blood to the American Red Cross to show their support for the show.
* Fans of Sophia Myles should know that she’s donning a short bob now after months of extensions ruining her hair. She explained that for the four episodes they are working on now, she is wearing a 3/4 wig.
* Sophia Myles disclosed that the best way to get Alex O’Loughlin to laugh is to, “talk about poo.”
* Mick is afraid of people and their capabilities. Eric is both infatuated with and afraid of sharks. Sophia is afraid of deep water and humans. Looks like a love triangle could be creeping into the story whether the writers like it or not, eh?
* When asked who she’d love to work with, Sophia Myles answered Christian Bale and Tim Burton.

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