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from Wales on Sunday

If you had to be stuck in a lift with Some one, who would it be?

“Alex O’ Loughlin from Moonlight; my dog Jackson, and all of my friends.”

What is your biggest fear?

“Deep water and large groups of people.”

Do you have any superstitions?

“Not really, but I definitely believe in fate.”

If you could have only one song on your I Pod, what would it be?

“I’d rather say ‘silence’ than choose a song. I love music so much I couldn’t choose a favourite.”

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought, not including property?

“Maybe a painting. I’m pretty frugal and until I’ve paid off my mortgage I’m not going to splash out on anything extravagant. I’m a good girl that way.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Be in the present.”

When was the last time you cried and why?

“I had a good cry in episode 11 of Moonlight, right at the last scene of that. It was a combination of lots of things.”

What’s your indulgence?

“French fries.”

How environmentally friendly are you?

“As friendly as I can be. I know that my biggest contribution to any kind of bad things like carbon emissions is I fly a lot, but I always try to offset that. When you book tickets with British Airways you can pay the amount that your flight will cost to replant a tree. I thought if I’m going to buy a car in a foreign city I should buy something that’s friendly to the environment, and I try to keep myself as educated as much as I can.”

How many texts do you send in a day?

“I don’t mind receiving texts. I can’t stand sending them, so as few as possible. I like to talk one on one.”

Who’s the most famous person in your mobile?

“I’m kind of immune to the old fame thing now; I just kind of deal with people, do you know what I mean?”

What item could you not live without?

“My dog is the first thing that came to mind.”

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

“I like me just the way I am.”

Where are you going on holiday?

“I don’t know when the next one’s going to be. I would love to go to the North Pole and see the Northern Lights. Maybe next Christmas. When you live in California it takes the edge off that needing to get away to see the sun because I’m so over indulged in it all now. I’m desperate to go back and be in the rain.”

What were you doing this time yesterday?

“Working during the day on Moonlight. Towards the end of the week we’ll work Thursday night into Friday morning, sleep Friday then work Friday night into Saturday morning. We call that day ‘Fratterday’. You only get a one-day weekend really.”

What will you be doing this time tomorrow?

“Hopefully in bed. I think we’re working into the night, so I’ll be having a lie in.”

Sophia plays Beth Turner in hit US series Moonlight on Living TV every Tuesday at 10pm


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