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Hope for ‘Moonlight’?

I seriously did not think this would happen but CBS has not renewed ‘Moonlight‘ for a second season – not even for a back 13 mid-season. Read an article by Hollywood insider Nikki Finke about the money issue (isn’t everything about money?) as well as about some of the behind-the-scenes trouble, which may have played a huge part in CBS’ unfavourable decision in the end.

Is there still reason to hope? According to another blog entry there might be.

“There is a chance, only a chance” that Media Rights Capital which will be programming Sunday’s two hours on the CW “may elect to take Moonlight as one of those two hours”. This is developing to be quite a behind-the-scenes drama because the order came from Warner Bros TV this afternoon to start tearing the Moonlight sets down. But now WBTV will wait until Friday. Before it was cancelled, it had more than twice the number of viewers on CBS than Gossip Girl despite all the hype. So Moonlight could wind up the most watched CW show. Stay tuned.

8 Comments on “Hope for ‘Moonlight’?”

  1. Hi there CBS is the most stupid network outhere and have lost every respect i had for this s h i t t y network.
    I heard the rumor about MRC and CW has fallen through 🙁

    But now i heard they are contacting Sc-Fi channel about a pick up and i have heard they could be interested. but still if this does not fall in place

    I hope you keep this amazing site updated of Sophia’s Projects. she is an exstrodinary woman and so beautiful.

  2. I have had this site for 41/2 years now – been following each and every project of Sophia’s and will most definitely be continuing to do just that. Sophia Myles is at the top list of my favourite actresses – she’s a very talented actress and I enjoy helping others discover that for themselves 😀

  3. The fans are trying to rally together to find Moonlight a new home. For ANYONE who wants to help, here is the info-

    CBS taking calls and writing down demographics 1-212-975-4545

    Please contact CBS, WB, CW, USA, SCI-FI to save our Moonlight.
    WB feed back form ~

    CW contact:

    USA-Sci-fi contact Number: 1-212-664-4444

    Please help if you can. We want Sophia another season!!!

  4. I hope that Sophia knows that all the efforts at keeping Moonlight alive are not only due to their admiration for Alex O’Loughlin but for her work on the show as well.

  5. Personally, I hope the USA Network picks it up. That would be an excellent addition to their line-up. It would fit right in with their targeted demographics.

  6. Dear Sophia, millions of fans absolutely love you and are fighting desperately to get Moonlight back! We will never give up. TV just isn’t the same without Moonlight and our favorite actors! Please stay postive, we are going to hang in there and continue to crusade to get back, the best show on TV ever!

  7. Dear Ms. Sophia,you have a great chemistry with Mr. Alex O’Loughlin.. .If he ask you that he have some feelings for you? What would you say?I know that there’s a space in your heart For Mr.Alex just like a tiny bit space I know you have…JUst d0 your best..go0d luck and more show come t0 y0u..r0xette..

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