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Emmy Awards Season

Awards Season is the term used for the time before the Academy Awards hands out the Oscars. When it comes to television it is the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences who hands out Emmys. In the time that precedes this networks, studios, PR agents, managers, etc are campaigning for their shows and actors to get nominated. According to the very reliable Gold Derby Forums of the LA Times Sophia Myles’ work in the ‘Moonlight‘ episode Love Lasts Forever (the one where Josh dies) is being submitted to be considered when it comes to nominate the best ‘Drama Lead Actress‘.

While it is yet FAR too early to be really excited about this it shows that there are people behind ‘Moonlight‘ who think there’s a real chance for Sophia Myles. Obviously, we here at ‘Absolutely Sophia Myles’ are the first to agree and are keeping our fingers crossed hoping Sophia will get some recognition from the industry for the emotional depth she brings to the series. In addition the campaign extends to getting ‘Moonlight‘ (episodes ‘Fever’ and ‘Fleur de Lis’) nominated for best Drama Series and Alex O’Loughlin (episode ‘Fever’) for best Drama Lead Actor.

Here some dates: during the first week of June nominating ballots are being posted on the Television Academy’s website, deadline for returning them is June 20. The actual Emmy nominations will be announced July 17 and finally, the awards will be televised on ABC September 21.

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  1. Trying not to get too excited, but darn it, she deserves to be nominated! Heck, she deserves to win! Her work on Moonlight was phenominal. I’m glad she’s getting some recognition.

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