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Vote for Sophia!

Congratulations! Sophia Myles is one of the 4 nominees for Best Fake American Accent on Other runner ups are Hugh Laurie (!), Jamie Bamber and Ed Westwick. To make sure Sophia Myles stands a chance against a certain British gentleman also known as Doctor House don’t forget to vote often!

Vote for Sophia @ 2008 Awards

As we previously announced voting at the SyFyPortal is now open! We are allowed to vote once per day up until July 25 so let’s make sure Sophia gets that Best Actress award!

Vote for Sophia @ SyFy Genre Awards 2008

4 Comments on “Vote for Sophia!”

  1. go Sophia!!!

    she has the majority of the votes in that cateogory 😀

    Also voted for Moonlight in the cateogory of show axed before its time!

  2. So glad that Sophia is finally geting the recognition she deserves. Doing all I can to make sure she wins!!!

  3. I vote for Mis Sophia about 500 votes I hope she win.. And I think there’s a cheat going at because when you always vote for mis Sophia. Mr. james bamber will have vote too..If you vote observe you will see..

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