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‘Outlander’ at Fantasy Filmfest

Many thanks to the Outlander fansite for the heads up. ‘Outlander‘ will be playing at the Fantasy Filmfest in Germany starting in August.

Fantasy Filmfest is a huge genre festival that runs from August 12th to September 10th. At least 75 films will be showing in eight different cities, of which Outlander is one of the most recent announced. The Film begins in Berlin and Hamburg and then moves to two different cities after every eight days of the festival.

Festival tickets go on sale online about a week before the start date in any given city. It’s going to be neat to see what kind of reaction a non-industry audience will have to Outlander’s interesting mixture of Sci-fi, Vikings, action, horror, and adventure.

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  1. Man, I wish I lived in Germany. Can’t wait for them to set a release date for the USA!! I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie.

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