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Far away, a light streaks across the night sky. It is a spacecraft, which crashes into one of the majestic Norwegian fjords. From the wreckage emerges a man from another world, Kainan, a humanoid warrior, and a deadly stowaway, the Moorwen, a savage creature hell-bent on avenging the acts of Kainan’s army. Marooned on this alien planet, which is centuries behind his own civilization, Kainan sets out to track down and defeat his nemesis.

Before he is able to accomplish this, Kainan is captured by the Vikings. Grudgingly accepted into the clan after saving Rothgar’s life, Kainan confides in Rothgar’s fiercely beautiful daughter, Freya, about his past and the acts which both cost him his family and left the Moorwen mad with rage.

The vengeful beast besieges the Viking stronghold and is finally revealed in its awesome and terrifying splendor. Trapped, the monster is set ablaze and barely escapes into the forest, leaving a mortally wounded King Rothgar in its wake. Wulfric is declared his successor, but his succession is marred when the Moorwen returns and snatches Freya. The Vikings, led by Kainan, set out on their final desperate mission


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