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Your chance to watch Sophia’s acting debut

Every now and then I like to check the upcoming TV schedule for Sophia Myles over at IMDb. Imagine my surprise when I saw ‘The Prince and the Pauper‘ listed. Up till now I have never managed to see this 1996 BBC mini series that is also Sophia’s acting debut. So, UK residents mark this in your diaries:

August 29th: ‘The Prince and the Pauper‘ airs on TMC at 13.00 and on TMC 2 at 19.00.

One of the comments in the film’s IMDb boards sent me on a 3 hour search. But finally I found what I was looking for! Apparently, the Mark Twain adaptation with Sophia Myles as Lady Jane Grey in a supporting role was released on a Region 2 DVD in the Netherlands on April 11, 2008! Follow this link to order your copy. Mine is hopefully already on its way and I’ll be sure to post screencaps and one or two clips once it arrives!

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  1. Hello, thankyou for the all the info regarding Prince and Pauper!
    Does the Region 2 Netherland release has English subtitles??
    Thanks, A.

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