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Small audio interview & more

After Tuesday’s press junket for “Mister Foe” the first interview with Sophia Myles has surfaced online. It’s an audio snippet and is available on Hollywood Outbreak. Listen to Sophia talking about the stigma that’s attached to vicar’s daughters and the sex scenes in this movie. Thanks Stacey for the heads up!

On other news 10-year-old Shelby interviewed Alex O’Loughlin for her website and he mentioned Sophia Myles when answering a question about who made him laugh on the “Moonlight” set. Listen to the interview here. (Allow some time for the site to load as there is currently an overflow of visitors to that site). Thanks moviefnatic for the heads up!

I’d also like to bring something from a post’s comments section to everyone’s attention. It’s some new information regarding the “Outlander” DVD rumour. Official word from The Weinstein Company (US distributors) is that there is NO OFFICIAL DVD date yet for the movie. That was just an error on the parts of the two e-commerce sites that listed it. In fact The Weinstein Company will be reaching out to the two retailers (Movies Unlimited and Amazon) and will hopefully have that erroneous information removed. Thanks for the heads up echorock!

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  1. Glad to know that was an error. There’s still hope that I’ll get to see Outlander on the big screen! Yay!!

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