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Pre-Order European “Moonlight” DVDs

There is now also a German release date for the 16 episodes of “Moonlight“: November 7. Apparently, German Sophia fans will be the first to have the series on silver discs as the UK release is still planned for November 17. I’ve unfortunately not been able to find any information about special features for either release. As far as the US release is concerned an announcement of a release date is expected for this month (read more).

So why don’t you pre-order your own copy of the 4-DVD box? Pre-Order German DVD / Pre-Order UK DVD

3 Comments on “Pre-Order European “Moonlight” DVDs”

  1. Alright, this is just CRAZY!! Was I so bad in a former life that we here in the USA have to be last to get Moonlight on DVD (lol)??

  2. I’m from Berlin/Germany and I just can’t wait to buy the dvd! 🙂 I heard that there will be no special features on it! 🙁 So sad!

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