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Anna Friel mentions Sophia

You may remember that in a number of interviews Sophia Myles has stated that she’s good friends with fellow Brits Anna Friel and Lena Headey, who’re also staying in LA. Now the star of Pushing Daisies, Anna Friel, mentioned Sophia too. From a new interview with MediaBlvd Magazine:

I’m friends with Ben Chaplin and Sophia Myles, who was on Moonlight, and Lena Headey is on Terminator. Me, Lena and Sophia used to always go for the same jobs in England, and we would cross each other at auditions. Here, we were all filming on the same lot and we became really lovely friends.

Which reminds me I really have to catch up on the new season of Ned and Chuck.

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  1. hello sophia myles, my name is jody videll curvey. i live in houston,texas; im a 25 yr. old black guy. i loved your in underworld; i thought your character erika was cool, sexy, and mysterious. you can contact me from my email at
    i hope to here from you soon, bye sophia myles and god bless you and your family.

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