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Podcast – Review of 2008

Our 4th podcast is out! This time around it was 6 of us talking and for the theme we chose to look back on the current year. It seems every podcast ends up being longer than the previous one but that wasn’t really our intention. I certainly hope you won’t get bored listening to the group of us!

And remember, you’re always welcome to participate in a future edition. Information about it will be openly available to every member of the messageboard in the members only section.

Without further ado, enjoy what we’ve jokingly been referring to as ASMBMP (Absolutely Sophia Myles Boardmembers Podcast)!

3 Comments on “Podcast – Review of 2008”

  1. great job.i was listening to the pod cast and i wished that i could have been apart of the new year i plan on getting what’s neede for me to participate with you and the other members.keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mia, thank you once again for letting me be a part of your podcast! It was really great being able to put voices with the names of people I have begun to think of as my second family. As always, the session was a blast!!

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