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Podcast: Exclusive Fan Q&A – January 2009

Warrior FreyaTogether with this new still of Sophia Myles as warrior Viking princess Freya in the upcoming Outlander I have another treat for you all! Sophia Myles took the time to participate in another exclusive Fan Q&A and answered quite a number of the questions that were sent in by you guys.

As stated during the podcast I found it very challenging to be fair to every person who sent in a question but I think I almost managed to ask at least one question from everyone. And I think I forgot to mention the names of 2 or 3 people, please forgive me. Without further ado enjoy Podcast #5 feat. Sophia Myles!

19 Comments on “Podcast: Exclusive Fan Q&A – January 2009”

  1. Okay, deep breaths! I’m slowly having a heart attack! I can’t believe Sophia Myles thanked me!1 I will never forget today, it’s etched in my mind forever. Thank you Sophia (and Mia!) for making my year!

  2. great job!!!!! as usual you you take this website to the next level again and again.this interview starts the new year off right.(and hearing my name did not hurt either!!!!!!!!!!!!)keep up the excellent work,as usual.

  3. wiiiii ! so happy, aah can´t believe it Mia you are a powered engine pilot.
    this is really serious and i am very lucky to discovered it and get in here.
    NOw i believed this is authenticated by Sophia.
    Thanks for my questions asked and answered, Mia.
    Thanks Sophia, you arent only a smart girl but intellectual, spiritually
    keep that up always.

  4. @Meredith: So sorry to hear that. I’m afraid I can’t find any questions sent in by you. Or did you send them in under a different name? I sent confirmation emails to everyone I had received their question from.

  5. Wow! Thanks Mia for asking my question! I appreciate it! Sophia is such a down to earth person, it was like listening to one of my friends talking.

  6. Thanks soooo much !!

    I just have one request: could you write it down, for all her fans who can have difficulties to understand the whole interview? I’m french/spanish, and there are some things I can’t understand well.

    You did an amazing job. I really hope Sophia will get tons of interesting projects.


  7. Hey!
    I’ve got a question..?
    Is there coming a new season from Moonlight?
    I hope so, because I can’t live with out Moonlight :$

    I hope you give an answer at my question 😀
    (I’m not so really good in English.. because I’m dutch.. you know :D)

    Bye, I love You Sophia!

  8. Just listened to the 2009 Podcast.
    Thank you Sophia and Mia for such terrific interview.
    All that you do is truely wonderful,

    May your 2009 also be filled with Happiness and Laughter.
    Best Wishes Always
    Thank you,

  9. Dear Mia,
    Thank you sooo much for taking the time to do this interview with Sophia for the fans!
    I had the pleasure of meeting Sophia back in 2007 and it was wonderful to hear from her again!
    This website is beautifully done and a pleasure to visit…
    Moonlight Blood Drive

  10. Hi Mia, I guess I’ve found the right one, I’ve been looking for this for quite sometime. I’m in Las Vegas and was fooling around with the channels, there was absolutely nothing interesting to watch then I stumbled upon Moonlight and in about 5 to 10 minutes of watching, from then on, I got addicted to it. I just love the intensity that Sophia has put in Beth’s character, she never held back and up till now cannot fathom why the show was cancelled. I am 55 year old woman, I have seen a lot of vampire shows in my lifetime, but this one was very special. I have never seen an actresses like her that can emote all this different feelings and still look insanely stunning. I would love to see her in more movies, she one intense and rare performer. I see her and I know that if Kate Winslet finally got her oscar, I know in my heart of hearts that Sophia will get hers, as well. How can they not give this amazing girl a role where she can show the world, yes this is me, and I’m extremely good at what I do. Take care Mia, and if possible say hello to Sophia for me and I’m working on sending her a letter and hope that she’ll respond. Thank you so very much…

  11. Sophia we love you in my country yemen . we want you visit to yemen . maybe you like my country If you visit the yemen I will wait you
    with my greetings

  12. Hiya Mia,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, but…
    for those of us with very slow internet or stupid computer who do not like us is there a transcript of this?
    thank you again.

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