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‘Moonlight’ out on DVD

Today is the day! ‘Moonlight‘ finally arrives on DVD in the US! Be sure to go out and buy your own copy or order it from Amazon in order to be able to re-live the many highlights of the show and to watch Sophia’s alluring performance over and over again. Visit the Moonlight DVD site by Warner Video.

Also Mick and Beth as well as everyone else from the show are coming back to your TV screens this Friday! Sci Fi re-airs the existing episodes as of January 23 every Friday at 9/8! Visit their website for Moonlight content as well as a messageboard!

6 Comments on “‘Moonlight’ out on DVD”

  1. I’m sooo excited!! It’s gonna be great being able to watch Moonlight every week again (for a while) in it’s old time slot, even though I’m buying the DVD set!!

  2. So…the DVD kind of sucks.

    There are NO special features, not even the original pilot with the different Beth actress, not even interviews with the cast and crew. Absolutely nothing. It’s really disappointing.

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