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Theatres showing “Outlander” as of February 6

Outlander” is being released in India today! Check out their official site for booking information and a lot more. As of today you can enjoy the movie in English & Hindi, other dubbed versions (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) will follow next Friday, February 13. (source)

We received a new list of theatres that start showing “Outlander” in the US today. Not sure if any of those from the last 2 weeks are keeping it in their programme, let’s hope so. Everyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to see Sophia’s new movie on the big screen should definitely see if there’s a cinema in this new list that’s close to where you live as you most definitely won’t regret it! Be sure to read the rest of the entry for details.

Areas in the list include: Boston, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Cincinnati, Columbus OH, Las Vegas, Syracuse and Savannah. (source)

  • • Salisbury 9/ Salisbury

  • • Carmike 10/Newnan

  • • Carmike 12 Fayetteville

  • • AMC Newport on the Leve/ Newport
    • West Chester 18/West Chester

  • • Easton Towne Center 30/Columbus
    • Lennox 24/Columbus
    • Pickerington/Pickerington
    • Polaris 18/Columbus

  • • Century 18 Sam’s Town/Las Vegas

  • • Auburn Movieplex 10 Auburn

  • • Carmike 10/Savannah

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  1. WOW!! Raleigh-Durham is even closer to me than Greensboro was!! Oh well, I couldn’t wait. Maybe I can even wrangle another trip this weekend!

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