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Easter Gift: Exclusive ‘Moonlight’ Pictures

Easter surprise! Sophia sent some exclusive ‘Moonlight‘ ‘behind the scenes’ photographs for us all to enjoy and wishes especially all the ASM members a very happy Easter. It is a year ago now that they finished shooting and she misses all of the fun and laughter on the set.

There are pictures of Sohia & Alex striking funny poses, but also of Sophia together with Shannyn or with her cute puppy Jackson. Be sure to head over to the gallery to enjoy the awesomeness!

Kindly do not redistribute these photographs at another Sophia Myles and/or ‘Moonlight’-related fan site as they were sent exclusively to ‘Absolutely Sophia Myles’. You are of course most welcome to direct your friends to our site (and the pictures) with a link. Thank you.

13 Comments on “Easter Gift: Exclusive ‘Moonlight’ Pictures”

  1. The photos were amazing. Thank you Sophia for sharing them with us. Happy Easter to you as well.


  2. WOW!!! Just proves once again how very much Sophia cares about her fans!
    Thank you, Sophia, for sharing your photos with us. You’re the best!!

  3. Mina,
    I can not see the pics. There is an unexpected error on line 287. Please can you help me??


  4. Thank you so much for these beautiful photos of Sophia and Alex. They remind me that I miss Moonlight and all the cast members so much

  5. What a lovely thing to do! thanks so much for posting these. It was sweet of her to post them. what a wonderful easter surprise

  6. Lovely pictures, so so sweet to share, thanks Sophia for making us Happy, you care!

    and in return we care and love you more!

  7. Thanks Sophia and Mia for sharing these funny and lovely pics with us. We all miss Moonlight, its endearing characters and the wonderful chemistry all the actors obviously had with each other. Sophia is such a talented actress I really hope to see her on our (American) TV again soon!

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