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‘Outlander’ DVD Screencaptures

As I posted earlier my French ‘Outlander‘ DVD arrived recently and today I made screencaptures of Sophia Myles as Freya in the movie as well as in the extras. Enjoy!

If you haven’t seen the film yet the screencaptures do contain some spoilers.

580 Outlander – DVD Screencaptures
026 Outlander – DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scenes
003 Outlander – DVD Screencaptures > Gallery
001 Outlander – Artwork

8 Comments on “‘Outlander’ DVD Screencaptures”

  1. Oh good grief, I’ll never get anything done today.
    I’ll be too busy looking at all these wonderful screencaps!

    Thanks once again, Mia, for all your hard work.

  2. I guess I should clarify… The colectors edition DVD may very well have 27, but I’ve been reading reviews of at least on DVD edition with only 5… Which does yours have Mia?

  3. Mine has only 5. Weirdly enough the cover preview at used to say 2-disc edition but in the end I only got a “regular” disc.

    I have to check to verify, but it could be that the amount of storyboards in PDF format amounts to 27.

  4. No, the storyboards should be something separate. I have a cover shot of a “2 disk verson” but have also come across newer shots of a ‘colectors edition’ DVD that doesn’t mention 2 disks at all (probably the same as you have). All indications though are that the Blu-Ray does have all 27 scenes amounting to nearly 30 minutes of cut footage and extended scenes.

    It also sounds like some of the other Blu-Ray features aren’t on the DVD. If anyone has the Blu-Ray they should let me know. I’ve got the Canadian one on pre-order but I haven’t even seen any specs on it yet so I have no idea what kind of features I’ll get yet.

    Also, I can confirm that there is at least 30 minutes of deleted scenes in existance. I just don’t know for sure what made it onto the french blu-ray.

  5. Ok, so the “Collector’s Edition” is probably what I have – though it doesn’t say so on the DVD itself. But as that article you pointed me to said it has the THX label on it.

    However, there aren’t 15 deleted scenes as I believe the article says, rather the 5 deleted scenes amount to just about 15 minutes. This might just be a typing mistake as they are talking about 30 “minutes” of deleted scenes rather than amount of scenes in the Blu-Ray paragraph.

    My guess is that e.g. the whole alternate opening sequence – which counts as 1 deleted scene on the DVD – in itself contains a number of actual “scenes” as they’d be called in the screenplay. So do the “Deathly Encounter” as well as the “Goodbye” scenes.

    And some of the 14 animated scenes that are supposed to only be on the Blu-Ray disc are hidden in the “Conception of the film” galleries – 3 actually, the Moorwen, the spaceship and the alien flower. It’s really all very confusing to me….

    Do you know if it’s possible to watch Blu-Ray discs when put in a regular DVD PC drive? Maybe with AnyDVD? I’d be interested in seeing the other half of those 30-minute-footage of deleted scenes

  6. No, you need an actual blu-ray drive or writer to be able to use them in a PC. A regular DVD drive won’t do it. Also, the opening sequence would only count as one scene, even with multiple shots in it.

    You are probably right in saying that the article is speaking of 15 minutes and not 15 scenes. This site suggests that the Bluray actually has 41 minutes of deleted scenes compared to the DVDs 15.

    Ok, I’m going to attempt a list of stuff that was deleted/truncated in the movie. This won’t necessarily reflect the blu-ray since I don’t actually know which ones are on it (other than the ones that are also on the DVD):

    1/ the opening funeral

    2/ It’s storming and Gunnar’s wife is telling a ghost story when the son is sent outside to tie up the horses. Lights in the trees lure him into the forest…

    3/ Kainan’s captain is alive after the crash – they have a conversation in the morning before he dies.

    4/ A much longer version of the scene with Rothgar and Wulfric in the tower (atop sheild hall)

    5/The first moorwen attack was longer with more action. People were on fire and there was even a stampede of people that run over Kainan.

    6/ The baby moorwen’s birth was longer (and effects were complete)

    7/On the bear hunt, Wulfric finds a piece of Kainan’s space ship and is confused by it.

    8/When no one is looking (during the bear hunt) Kainan sneeks a look at his beacon to see if anyone is coming for him

    8/On the hunt they come to an offering tree where the Vikings put offerings on a stone for the forest gods. Rothgar makes Kainan make an offering even though Kainan thinks it’s silly.

    10/ During the trap building sequence Gunnar goes to look for his men and finds the head of one of them on the offering stone.

    11 There’s a bunch of stuff filmed for the herot hall/sheild dance scene that was trimmed out

    12 The scene with Kainan and Freya at the well was longer

    13/ Not sure if this was shot or not… there was a scene between Freya and Wulfric where he shows he’s jealous about Kainan’s moving in on his territory.

    14/ There was scene between Kainan and Rothgar after the trap is built that was pretty much trimmed to one line of dialoge

    15/ The flashback sequence was longer. Since the captain is dead at the start of the film, his parts are trimmed flashback sequences as well.

    16/ At the part where Wulfric throws Kainan a spear they had some reconciliatory dialogue there that was cut

    17/ Rothgar’s death scene

    18/ Wulric comes out to the people after the death scene and they indicate that they don’t really accept his as king.

    19/ Extended under water sequence – Kainan goes down to the ship and swims around inside and finds the metal, but bumps into something and has a scare when he sees that it’s a human face, and we see all the coffins floating in the water. He loses all his air and has to go up to an air pocket and get air. He comes back down and gets his metal and on the way out, that’s when he sees the baby.

    20/ After swimming to shore Kainan checks his beacon and his people *are* coming for him. Wulfric is mesmerized by the technology…

    21/ The moorwen’s splash at the end (effects were complete but cut to meet the contractual running time

    There’s probably more but that’s what I can come up with at the moment. There were also a couple scenes that were planned but never shot.

  7. Wow! Thanks. 1, 2, 15, 17+18, +extension of the scene where the guys are descending into the well are on the French DVD.

    I’ll await the info about deleted scenes on the upcoming US DVD for now before obtaining a BluRay disc I can’t even watch 😉

    The PDF storyboards contain some additional stuff for scenes as well. So that’s great 🙂

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