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‘Outlander’ Making Of & More

Following ‘Outlander‘ on Twitter certainly brings us fabulous information. There’s another opportunity to win a VIP screening here and it leads us to an interesting and totally new over 16 minute long Making Of. The Outlander fansite has word that it will eventually turn up on the Region 2 DVD but isn’t on the recently released French DVD/Blu Ray or the upcoming Region 1 DVD/Blu Ray. It also has some nice moments of Sophia Myles so be sure to watch!

Someone uploaded a hiliarious imitation of the UK Trailer to YouTube. It’s a shot by shot re-make with action figures such as He-Man, Thundercats, Star Wars and more. Definitely a must see!

Outtakes from reviews (added to the Outlander page):

But it’s Sophia Myles who steals the show, her performance as beautiful but ballsy Viking girl Freya giving the boys a run for their money in the action stakes.

John Hurt is excellent as the watchfully wise king, as are Sophia Myles as his feisty daughter and the other-worldly James Caviezel.
The Times

042 Outlander – Making Of
001 Outlander – Production Stills

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  1. The “making of” featurette was great, and the YouTube mock trailer was absolutely hysterical!!

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