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‘A Lesson in Murder’ on Australian TV

Another movie with Sophia Myles airs on Australian TV. Thanks to Annabelle we know that ABC1 is currently repeating the first season of ‘Foyles War‘. Each of the episodes work as a TV movie on their own and of course Sophia Myles starred in the episode titled ‘A Lesson in Murder‘, which airs on Saturday, May 9, at 10.05pm – only in Australia on ABC1!

Remember, to know about any project of Sophia’s airing on US TV only check the TV widget in the sidebar or click this link.

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  1. Sophia was great in this movie!! If any of you guys in Australia haven’t seen it yet, you definately don’t want to miss it!!

  2. I hope it wouldn’t be too much to ask if there are any movies that would be showing here in the US. I’ve been watching Moonlight here every Friday night and I’ve been lucky that I’ve got to watch it twice due to having regular channel 45 as well as channel 745, which is an HD channel. And I do miss the show so much I went and bought the DVD, so that I can also get my sister hooked on it, she’s in Singapore at the moment to attend her sons wedding but will be back this June. I wish someone would offer Sophia a show again in Los Angeles, this way, since she has a job here, she would probably think of staying here. Although I live in Las Vegas, I still can get to see her shows. I’m also planning to send her a note through her managers address. Take care Mia, and thanks for having this website.

  3. As I said in my news post in the sidebar of this website is a section “On TV” and it always lists the next movie/TV show with Sophia that airs in the US. Or you can click this link every week to stay informed:
    You will see that at the moment Sophia’s Doctor Who episode will air on Saturday and her Marple episode ‘Sleeping Murder’ next Thursday. Hope this info helps.

  4. I loved Foyle’s War when it aired on PBS here in the US. I think all the episodes are available here on DVD, through PBS if not at your local DVD store. Now I want to go back and find Sophia’s episode. I’m sure I watched it when it first aired, but didn’t know her then.

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