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‘Outlander’ out on DVD today!

Today ‘Outlander‘ is released on DVD in the US! Be sure to order if you haven’t yet to see Sophia Myles in action as Viking warrior princess Freya & the – to be expected – fabulous DVD extras! The DVD should also be availble for rent at Blockbuster.

According to the Outlander fansite it is as of yet unclear when the movie will be released on BluRay in the US. However, it’s stil scheduled to be released on DVD & BluRay May 26th in Canada. A free DVD can be won on a contest over at

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  1. I don’t mean to upset or alarm anyone, but I just need to know one thing, if someone could please clarify this to me, I would really appreciate it. I came across a website called, there was a video trailer of Halam Foe where it showed Sophia having sex with some guy while Halam was watching on the rooftop, can someone tell me if the girl is really Sophia or a double, it was just disturbing to me, the scene was somewhat like a porn clip, but could not really tell if the girl was actually her since I haven’t seen the movie yet. I really would appreciate it if someone could give me a response, it really bothers me cause she did make a comment that she is not into nudity if she can avoid it cause people don’t really need to see her body to show that she’s having sex, just like in Tristan and Isolde. Thank you….

  2. From what it sounds like this clip is from the movie and does feature Sophia Myles. It is part of a build-up for her character so it needs to be seen within the context of the film rather than on its own. I strongly recommend watching the whole film as it’s about so much more than just the one scene.

    While she has said that she’s not into gratitious nuditiy (e.g. Tristan & Isolde) she has also said about Hallam Foe that these scenes weren’t gratitious and that if she wouldn’t have trusted David Mackenzie (the director) she wouldn’t have accepted the part.

    Her take on this aspect of Hallam Foe can be read in various ‘Hallam Foe’ (Mister Foe) interviews in the press section, esp. the one from Dark Horizons Page 1&4&5
    I hope reading those will help you understand the meaning of those scenes

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