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‘Moonlight’ to re-air in the UK

Our messageboard member Chrissy – who’s currently house-bound – spotted an ad on TV saying that ‘Moonlight‘ is soon airing on freeview channel Virgin 1. A little internet digging revealed that the first episode airs on August 10, 9pm and then the series will air regularly Mondays at 9pm on Virgin 1 (source). This is great news for all of you who don’t have Sky, and therefore couldn’t watch ‘Moonlight‘ on Living last year!

Thanks again Chrissy – and get better soon!

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  1. Yes they are also showing moonlight previous episodes from first season on direct tv on the syfy channel during the week not sure what time and day it was I was tired and did not write the info down although it is accurate that it was viewed the last few months on direct television sattelite television .

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